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June 9, 2023: Truckee Tahoe Trail Report


June 9, 2023 TAHOE & TRUCKEE TRAIL REPORT There is still rain in our forecast for the week. Although the rainy weather can get in the way of some awesome rides, remember that it is great for the trail conditions and the spring flowers we all enjoy out on our favorite rides.


Alder Creek to Tahoe Donner Adventure Center:

The trail from Alder Creek to the Tahoe Donner Adventure Center is a great cross country ride to enjoy during the fantastic spring conditions. This ride up Alder creek to Tahoe Donner Adventure Center is as good as it gets. The trail conditions are damp and fast on the out and back trail, but if you are looking for an extra adventure take the Drunken Deer/Sober Deer loop. If you know how to find the loop expect to come across a few snow and mud patches on the upper ridge.


Donner Lake Rim Trail:

The Tahoe Donner Rim trail is clear about four or five miles up. This familiar ride is finally able to offer a full ride. The trail is slightly muddy in some places but it is clear enough to ride up to some of its famous view points.


Waddle Ranch update:

The Waddle Ranch trail system is now completely free of snow. This area is a great choice if you don't want to run into too many other riders or hikers. Waddle Ranch is also a wonderful place to enjoy the spring flowers from this year's super bloom. The trail conditions are still at a peak from the afternoon showers. This simple ride continues to offer mellow terrain that is perfect for all skill levels.


Ash / Kings Canyon Trail:

This popular hiking and mountain biking trail in Carson city is a worthwhile trip if you're looking for an exciting cross country trail to spend your day on. For this ride you will have to start at the Ash canyon parking area and ride Ash canyon road to the creek trail. You will finish the ride on the Lincoln Bypass trail with a short neighborhood ride back to the parking area. The singletrack trail is in great condition and perfect for a day of adventurous riding.


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