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July 7, 2023: Truckee Tahoe Trail Report



News Flash! All of Tahoe Donner Alder Creek Adventure Center mountain bike trails are now open to class 1 e-bikes!


Downieville Downhill...oh hell yeah!

Downieville is a classic advanced to intermediate series of trails most often done as a shuttle ride. The ride takes you along Pauley creek and third divide and ultimately ends in the quaint little town of Downieville. The ride is about 15.1 miles and offers incredible single tract, gorgeous creek views and plenty of excitement. It takes you deep into the wild so be prepared with tubes, tools, snacks, and plenty of water! You can not yet ride from the very top due to snow so skip the Sunrise single tract trail at the top and start the ride on the fire road just to the west and perpendicular to the parking area. Call a local shop for more detailed directions.


Big Chief:

Big Chief is a local gem! With its granite boulders and stunning views its worth having to walk a few sections! Some of these hair raising drops are not made for the common folk, but they are fun to see and easy enough to walk around. We like to ride this trail from starting at the news parking are on the 06 road in Truckee just a few miles from our shop. This is an advanced trail so make sure to be ready for adventure and bring a first aid kit!


Tompkins Trail Martis Valley

This trail is an easy 4.3 miles of rolling double tract type riding. It is perfect for the beginner Mountain biker or a great choice for a family ride. You can access the trail from the news Martis Valley paved bike trail and it is a perfect warm up the adds about 3 miles when you ride from our convenient Bike Truckee location. This trail is as smooth and easy as it gets in Truckee, perfect for a Sunday afternoon cruise.


Do you love the local trails as much as we do? Consider Supporting the Building and Maintenance of our Beautiful Trails by donating to the Truckee Trails Foundation

We want to thank the amazing people at the Truckee trails foundation for their continued work in growing and supporting our local trails, and ridding community. Please show them some support, any donation

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