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November 21 2022 Winter Trail Report

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Fat Biking is wonderful right now! Low elevation early snowfall and cold temps have kept the snow around but not too deep. Packed trails are riding fast and firm. There are lots of options at the Sawtooth Complex Trailhead. Happy Face, Sawtooth, Bobbles, Timberline Cruise, Powerline, and Gentle Jeffery are all packed and riding nicely.

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Fat bikes are enchanting, they have the ability to float on top snow, mud, and sand. Thanks to the wide 4" tires run at relatively low pressure, it gives the rider the a soft and stable ride though a variety of surfaces. Firm snow conditions are important for fat biking, while they do preform well they have their limits in soft fresh powder. The conditions are currently great for fat biking right now, and we recommend you get an early start to avoid the warm afternoon temperatures. Trails that have been packed down by snowmobile or packed by a grooming machine are preferred. There are several places in the Truckee Tahoe area that are good for Fat biking. Note these are all condition dependent.

Here is a list of the machine groomed trails that are perfect for beginners and give you a nice solid base to ride on.

USGS machine grooms trails areas off Hwy89 North of Truckee, these areas include Little Truckee Summit, Sage Hen Field Station, and the Prosser OHV Trailhead. They connect this area to include independence lake and its a big triangle of groomed trails.

Nevada Nordic machine grooms trails in the Mount Rose meadows area off Hwy 431. They do a beautiful job and some trails offer a view of Lake Tahoe

Snowmobile packed roads are also great for FAT bikes.

The 06 Rd at the Sawtooth Trailhead is heavily packed and ridable for miles. With the right conditions it is possible to ride to Watson Lake and back.

Martis Peak road off Hwy 267 Brockway summit has a well packed trail from the east side of 267 near Brockway Summit to the Martis Peak Lookout. Amazing views await you at the top of this 4-5 mile climb to the summit.

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