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May 19, 2023: Truckee Tahoe Trail Report

Updated: Jun 24, 2023


May 19, 2023


It's finally looking like spring in Truckee! Time to get out on your mountain bike and check out local terrain now that our lower elevation trails are starting to defrost.


Waddle Ranch:

This gentle trail system is a perfect option for a quick ride in Truckee. It is a mostly painless climb with a smooth and gradual downhill. Although there are still a few avoidable snow patches Waddle Ranch is one of the first accessible trails in town. The trail is tacky and firm with some patches of loose dirt and rocks. Overall this is a fun simple ride to enjoy locally.


Elizabeth Town:

Elizabethtown is a wonderful connecting trail to the Waddle Ranch trail system. It is a fast cross country singletrack that adds a few smooth miles through Martis Valley. This is probably one of the cleanest local rides you can enjoy right now with no notable mud or snow patches. It is easily accessible at the intersection of Northstar dr and Highway 267, with parking available off the roundabout up Northstar dr. On this trail you will get fantastic riding with even better views, especially during sunset. -->


Emigrant Trail:

This classic truckee trail is clearing up fast! The Emigrant trail is a great option if you're looking for a mellow ride through a beautiful area. Even though the trail is mostly dry, make sure you have your fenders on. There are a few large creek crossings and snow patches but the conditions will only continue to improve over the next few weeks.


Do you love the local trails as much as we do?

Consider Supporting the Building and Maintenance of our Beautiful Trails by donating to the Truckee Trails Foundation

We want to thank the amazing people at the Truckee trails foundation for their continued work in growing and supporting our local trails, and ridding community. Please show them some support, any donation

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