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May 12, 2023: Truckee Tahoe Trail Report

Updated: Jun 29, 2023


May 12, 2023


While the local trails are clearing up, they still aren't quite ready to offer the rides we know and love. In the meantime, our neighboring trails are at prime riding conditions and weather!


Talon Show and Unkindness Trail (Nevada City):

After just one hour of driving you could be immersed in trees on these must see new trails of the Nevada City trail system. This trail system offers a series of short out and back loops to explore. These trails are full of fun playful features and technical riding. The trails currently have a few puddles and mud patches but everything else has great traction. These trails are perfect to spend the day finding new features and trying new things! While in Nevada city be sure to check out the Hoot trail and Scott's flat for an extra adventure.


Peavine Peak Trail (Reno):

This desert-like ride is just 40 minutes away. Peavine Peak is a fun singletrack ride with lots of ups and downs. This is a very open area that gets plenty of sun, which is good for melting snow quickly but not as good for mid-summer riding. Be sure to ride this gem before it gets too hot.


Clear Creek Trail (Carson):

This Trail is about an hour away in Carson City. If you are looking for an adventure the Clear Creek trail is a great 13 mile out and back that offers a great view of Carson valley as you ride along the lake. Recent precipitation has made for perfect the trail conditions, and the weather has been sustaining Goldie-Locks temperatures from morning to afternoon. Best of all you can enjoy this trail without worrying you might find a chunk of snow standing in your way.


Do you love the local trails as much as we do?

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We want to thank the amazing people at the Truckee trails foundation for their continued work in growing and supporting our local trails, and ridding community. Please show them some support, any donation

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