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May 26, 2023: Truckee Tahoe Trail Report

Updated: Jun 24, 2023


May 26, 2023


Now is the time to get out on your bike and hit the trails while they are in prime condition from our recent precipitation. Make sure to time your rides so you don't get caught in any of the other afternoon thunderstorms in our forecast.


Sawtooth Trail:

Although the sawtooth trail system has been a little slow to thaw, some segments are clear and ready to ride! After a short hike through a snow patch up to the primary parking area you'll be rewarded with a pleasant single track about four miles out to a river view point. Not only does this trail lead to a beautiful destination but is also extremely scenic as you ride through the forest on your way there. For a quick and easy return hop on the Gentle Jeffery access trail. Sawtooth is a fabulous trail that you can ride to from our bike shop.


El Burro/DonkeyTown:

This local favorite (more commonly known as jackass) is known for its exciting downhill with lots of playful features and opportunities to try some tricks. Its famous downhill is completely dry but it can only be accessed by riding up the El burro trail as a few patches of snow still prevent riders from accessing it from the fireroad. This thrilling ride takes less than an hour but is a wonderful trail to get you back out and excited about riding.


Truckee Paved trails:

Truckee's paved trail system is the best it has ever been! With over 30 miles of open trails you can see just about all of our little town from a bike. Some of the trails to check out are Martis, Prosser, Truckee river Legacy and Grey's crossing. The Trout Creek trail is also a town favorite but will unfortunately be closed from may 30th to june 30th for repairs and improvements. These trails make for a perfect family outing or a relaxing ride to do on your own.


Do you love the local trails as much as we do?

Consider Supporting the Building and Maintenance of our Beautiful Trails by donating to the Truckee Trails Foundation

We want to thank the amazing people at the Truckee trails foundation for their continued work in growing and supporting our local trails, and ridding community. Please show them some support, any donation

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