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BIG NEWS! Class 1 e-bikes now allowed at Tahoe Donner Adventure Center!

For the first time, class 1 electric bicycles are allowed on miles of tails in the Tahoe Donner Trail System. This is exciting news

A pilot program is now happening to help make the final decision about the Tahoe Donner trail system

In an effort to provide adaptive management, Tahoe Donner Adventure center has implemented a program that allows class 1 e-bikes on select single and double tract trails. They hope that by designating trails for specific use and also for directional use it will minimize tension on trail use.

The highlights of the program are:

  • Designated Hiker only trail(s)

  • Some designated Equestrian/Hiker only trails: Equestrian specific trails already exist. Designated No biking trails

  • Some E-bike Access: Class 1 e-bikes allowed temporary access on all double track (fire road) and designated single track trails

  • Directional only trail(s): Trail designated for one-way only

  • Maintain much of the trail system as multi-use trails

Specific trails that are now open to e-bikes include:

All double track / fire roads (22 out of 22 total miles available double track)

Designated single track (approx. 16 out of 38+ total miles available single track)

Trails include:

  • West + East Mustang Sally

  • Hawk’s Peak

  • Mother Lode

  • True Grit

  • Cinnamon Twist

  • Sundance Cutoff

  • Willie’s Wiggle

  • Eastern Perimeter

Trail etiquette and courtesy are of utmost importance. This is a test program to see if trail users can get along and to test if people will follow the rules set forth. Please stay on designated trails!

Bike Truckee is here for you to answer all of your mountain bike and eBike questions. Come in today and rent or demo an eBike and see what all the hype is about!


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