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May 23, 2022: Trail Report

Updated: May 23, 2022

Get the latest beta on your favorite rides with weekly trail reports by Bike Truckee

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Here is the latest report on the status of trails in Truckee

Donner Lake Rim Trail

DL Rim trail is perfect right now. Gorgeous views of snow capped peaks and Donner Lake make it a challenge to keep your eye on the trail! You can ride all the way to Drifter Hut located within the Tahoe Donner XC trail system. The trial is tacky and perfect! Look out for our employee Nate, he's always on this trail.

Sawtooth Trail

The Forest service is out there doing some clearing, so watch for heavy machinery and signs. Lot's of new trails. Happy Face and Wood Splitter Jump Trail are riding great. Open up your shocks and let your bike fly. Remember that Happy Face is a directional trail.

Emigrant Trail

Emigrant trail is prime right now! The trail is slightly tacky and the views of the snow capped mountains are gorgeous! You can make it all the way to Stampede reservoir. This a great option for a long ride (about 17miles round trip). Get out and enjoy it before it gets dusty!

Donkey Town Trail/El Burro Trail (Formerly Jackass)

Donkey Town is a fun flow trail that is in fabulous riding condition. This short loop has lots of fun flow features and can get you on your game for jumping gaps and sending over jumps. Jackass is a shorter loop, about 45 min. of riding so many people opt to do a few laps. Jackass has become a very popular trail, so remember your trail etiquette and enjoy the ride!

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Erica Mirich
Erica Mirich
May 13, 2021

I love these reports! Please keep these up!😍

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